Our Visual Identity

Our Logo 

Our logo features a square icon held together by a stylised version of the cross of St Chad.  This demonstrates how the Catholic values of the institution provide support and structure for everything the university does. 

The rest of the square icon is comprised of four leaves, symbolising the nurturing and growth present within the Newman community.  One leaf is a different colour to represent the individual, as a Newman education focuses on supporting individuals for the good of society. 

The letters ‘e’ and ‘a’ in Newman are the shape of the leaf to highlight that the supportive ethos is embedded throughout the institution.  

The end of May 2012 saw The Globe sculture installed outside our new entrance and library building. The Globe was designed by Julie Edwards & Ron Thompson of Planet Art and its construction was a joint fabrication between Planet Art and S.A.P. in West Bromwich.

The Globe

Our recognisable Globe structure was unveiled in 2012 outside our new library and entrance building. 

The Globe represents Newman University's international links and worldwide connections. The sculpture also recognises The Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman as an inspirational personality with worldwide influence. His words are laser-cut into the Globe sculpture as a legacy for all to contemplate.

The sculpture also draws inspiration from water.  The pieces that make up the Globe are all swimming in the same way, linked to each other, creating strength and unity. This symbolises how staff and students work together as a learning community at Newman. 

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