Prospective Students

Anyone considering taking a course at Newman University can speak to one of our careers advisers about their options and careers decisions. Going into Higher Education is a big step and deciding which course and which university to study is a major task.

  • You need to know all the options available so you can choose the right course for you
  • To find out about courses nationally, go to the UCAS website
  • Attend an open day before applying and speak to a careers adviser
  • See what career options you have with the subject you want to study
  • When applying for an undergraduate and in particular a postgraduate course, make sure you make the decision carefully and don’t do a course just because you don’t know what else you want to do!
  • If you require guidance about Newman University Courses and decision making, contact Melissa Maria Clarke by email: or telephone 0121-476-1181 ext. 2416 - The UK's official graduate careers website.

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