Part-time Courses

If you will be at Newman studying a BA (Hons) part-time course, you will receive further information about this during the first week. You can however, receive further information regarding your course, the course timetable and any reading list by visiting the Course Information pages. 

If you are looking for information your part time fees, please visit the Paying part-time course fees page 

If you are starting on one of our new 4.5 year degrees (excluding Early Childhood Education and Care; Working with Young People Children and Families and Youth Work programmes) there may be some things you need to think about which are detailed below.

How does studying part time work?

Studying full time means that if a student passes all of their assessments, they will be awarded with 120 'credits' at the end of each year. Over a full time 3 year course, a student accumulates 120 credits at each level, each year, starting at level 4 and ending at level 6. This results in receiving 360 credits in total to gain their honours degree.

Studying part time means that you will be awarded 80 credits per year if you have successfully completed your studies, so that after 4.5 years you too will have earned 360 credits. Each module at Newman is worth either 10, 20 or 40 credits. So, by studying on 4 modules worth 20 credits each over the year (full time students typically study 8 modules), you will build up 80 credits. This means that after your first successful year, you will have earned 80 credits at level 4, with the remaining 40 credits left for you to complete in year 2.  Each level of study therefore works slightly different for part time students than full time students.

Choosing Modules

When you arrive at Newman during the first week, you will need to enrol on your level 4 or first year modules. Some courses will have some choice as to which modules you can study. Others will not. If you are on a course where you have to make a choice, you will be supported in this by tutors in your subject area. Whatever programme or subject(s) you are studying, we strongly advise that you ensure your studies are balanced across the year. By this, we mean that you choose modules worth 40 credits in total in each semester across the year.

All degree programmes at Newman have a work placement. We strongly advise that you enrol on your work placement module(s) during your first three years at Newman, so that these are completed prior to your final year so that you can focus on your dissertation.

How do module choices work for students on programmes with two subjects?

If you are studying two subjects, it is sensible to ensure you have 40 credits from both subjects in your first year, delivered in either semester. Your work placement module can be counted as a module from either subject you are studying.

What if I want all my modules in one semester because of my circumstances?

That’s okay as long as you are able to complete the mandatory modules during either your first or second year. We would advise students against this but understand that for some, this way of organising their study is best for them.

Should you have any questions about how to make your choices, or studying part time please contact the programme leader as detailed in the Newman Prospectus.










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