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Most Library e-resources, including databases and online journals, are Athens-authenticated to restrict access to authorised users. Newman Staff and Students, on or off campus, can now use their username and password (used to access MyNewman, Newmail, Mahara, SharePoint and Moodle) to access e-resources.

Don't know your IT Services network username and password? Please visit the IT Services helpdesk in the Hub, or email

For seamless access to Athens resources, please read on....


Step-by-step guide to logging into Athens-authenticated e-resources

How to install the Athens cookie on your pc
Explains the new single sign-on Athens system Web browsers you can use and changing internet settings to accept Athens cookies
Who can access Athens Authenticated Electronic Resources?
Newman Athens Helpdesk details and contacts for help in using e-resources


How to access Athens-protected electronic resources

You can either log in via our Athens logon link on the Library’s Electronic Resources page or log in direct to a specific e-resource:

Via the Library's Electronic Resources web page
1. Use the Athens logon link on the Library’s Electronic Resources web page.
2. When prompted, login using your IT Services network username and password.
3. You will be redirected back to the Library’s Electronic Resources web page, where you can then select the Athens-authenticated electronic resource you require.
If you close the browser session or log out of Athens, you will need to repeat the same logon process to access this or another resource.

Direct login to a specific Electronic Resource
1. When you have the institutional cookie installed on your pc (click the following link for instructions on how to install the cookie), when you open a browser session and try to access a specific Athens authenticated resource, the following screen will appear:


2. Click on the link "Go to the Newman University login page" and you will be redirected to the login page below, where you should use your IT Services network username and password to login.

3. After a successful login you will be returned to the Athens resource you were trying to access.

4. During that browser session, you can then move seamlessly between Athens-authenticated resources.

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Pick up our Athens Institutional Cookie

1. To set the cookie, click on the link below. You only need to do this once on each pc you use.

Pick up our Institutional Cookie Now...

2. On the following page, you must ensure that the box next to 'Remember this organisation on this computer' is ticked, and click on 'Go to Newman University' to set your cookie.

3. You will be re-directed to the Library‘s Electronic Resources page. The cookie will remain in your browser settings for about 18 months.

4. When you have the cookie set on your computer, Athens will identify you as a Newman University user whenever you try to access an Athens protected resource. It will ask you to confirm that Newman is your institution, then direct you back to Newman's authentication system to enter your Newman IT Services login, before re-directing you on to the resource.

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Athens DA - how does it work?

Athens DA is the new system Newman is using which enables you to use your IT Services Network username and password to login to Athens-authenticated resources. It works by installing a cookie in your web browser, so that Athens can recognise you as a Newman user. A cookie is a small piece of information, containing only text, automatically stored on your computer by a web browser, used so that a website can remember you. There are two types of cookie - temporary ones that are deleted when you exit the website, and persistent cookies which can have a longer lifespan.

Athens DA can use both types of cookies:

Athens Institutional ID cookie - This persistent cookie remains in your web browser, identifying you as a Newman University user to Athens, enabling them to re-direct you to our login page. This cookie is set when you pick up the institutional cookie and operates when you follow the instructions under Direct login to a specific Electronic Resource

Authentication cookie - This temporary cookie is deleted from your pc when you log out of Athens or shutdown the web browser. It identifies you as a Newman University user to Athens for that browser session. It is set when you follow the procedure to access resources via the Athens Logon link on the Library's Electronic Resources page.

Although Athens DA uses cookies, the information cannot be used to identify an individual.

You do not need to be on campus to set either of the cookies, but you will need to have cookies enabled in your web browser (see Athens DA - Browser requirements & Internet Explorer settings) and, ideally, pop-up blocking software switched off (or pop-ups permitted for the relevant sites).

If you leave Newman and you wish to remove the Athens Institutional ID Cookie from your pc, follow this procedure:

1. To remove the institutional cookie, try to login to an Athens authenticated resource and you will see the screen below.

2. Select 'I am not from Newman University' and this will remove the institutional cookie from the computer you are using.

Athens DA Browser Requirements and Internet Explorer settings

Browser Requirements
Athens DA has been tested and found to work with:
Internet Explorer 4+
Mozilla 1.5+
Mozilla Firefox 0.8+
Netscape 6+
Opera 6+
Other modern browsers should also work.

Setting Internet Explorer to accept cookies
Go to Tools / Internet Options / Privacy and ensure that the slider is set to medium.

If you do not wish to reduce your privacy settings, you may set Internet Explorer to allow cookies from one specific website:
1. Go to Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Sites
2. In the ‘Address of website’ box, type
3. Click the Allow button
4. Ensure that Always Allow is set beside the entry

5. Select OK and then OK again to return to the browser

Who can access Athens Electronic Resources?

Newman enters into legally binding licence agreements with publishers and database providers. Many of our licences are agreed nationally with Eduserv Chest or JISC. Therefore, Newman can allow access to currently registered students and employees of Newman University.

Unfortunately, access to Newman’s Athens-authenticated electronic resources is not currently available for Alumni, Retired Staff or external borrowers.

Details of individual licences are available on the Library’s E-Resource licences web page.

Who can help with Athens queries?

Contact the Newman Athens Helpdesk by e-mail:

For help with using specific e-resources listed on the Library's Electronic Resources web page or the MyAthens Resources page - you can visit the Enquiry desk in the library, email or telephone one of the liaison librarians on ext. 1413.

Forgotten your IT Services network account details? Please visit the IT Services helpdesk in the Hub, email or telephone them on ext. 2293.

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