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BFI Inview
British Film Institute's National Archive service providing over 2000 excerpts of non-fiction film and television titles from the 20th and early 21st century. Particularly useful for media studies and historians.
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Box of Broadcasts National Use the Sign In option and select Newman University.
You can view over 1.2 million TV and radio programmes including additional off-air recordings from the BBC going back to 2007. You can also record from an extended 30-day buffer, create clips and share any broadcast programmes from over 60 TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are kept indefinitely and searched and shared by all users.
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British Library Sounds (incorporating Archival Sound Recordings collection)
Online access to downloadable material from the British Library Sound Archive collection. Includes music, oral histories and environmental sounds.

Digital Images for Education via JISC MediaHub (on campus login)
Digital Images for Education via JISC MediaHub (off campus login)
This archive, part of JISC MediaHub, comprises over 56,000 images and 600 hours of film selected by the education community to capture local, UK and world events. Sources include the AP Archive, Getty Images, ITN, Design Council Archives, Imperial War Museum, Royal Geographical Society, Fitzwilliam Museum and PYMCA.

Film and Sound Online via JISC MediaHub (on campus login)
Film and Sound Online via JISC MediaHub (off campus login)
This resource has now moved to JISC MediaHub, part of the JISC eCollections resource. The individual collections which formed Film and Sound Online can still be searched separately. Several hundred hours of high-quality material are available for download, either in full or as segments, and can be used freely in learning, teaching and research.
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MediaPlus (on campus login)
MediaPlus (off campus login)
Includes content previously held on JISC MediaHub. More than 100,000 videos, images, and sound recordings from sources such as ITN news, Teacher's TV
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NewsFilm Online via JISC MediaHub (on campus login)
NewsFilm Online via JISC MediaHub (off campus login)
Access via JISC MediaHub, part of the JISC eCollections resource. This resource includes over 3,000 hours of downloadable television news and cinema newsreels, selected from the huge ITN/Reuters Television archives. The individual collections which formed NewsFilm Online can still be searched separately.
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Other resources you could use...

Academic Earth
Video lectures from the world's top scholars, including lecturers at Harvard and Yale.

BBC Shakespeare Archive Resource
Search for BBC TV and radio programmes of Shakespeare plays, poems and sonnets. Use this username and password to login at the prompt which appears when you have found a resource you wish to view. It does not work on the sign in option.
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British Cartoon Archive
More than 130,000 original cartoons, including work by Ralph Steadman, and Carl Giles, amongst many others. Images are subject to copyright - although they can be used in student essays, permission is needed for inclusion in "teaching packs".

Digital Collections Online
A resource of images from the Victorian era, made available for use by the University of Exeter with assistance from JISC. The images are free for use in teaching and learning.

Millions of digital items provided by Europe's museums and galleries, archives, libraries and audio-visual organisations.

Freeze Frame
Historic polar images. Over 20,000 images from 1845 - 1960, related to polar exploration.

Free high resolution digital photos

New York Public Library Digital collections
Featuring a variety of material, including books, manuscripts, prints, maps and photographs from the New York Public Library.

World Digital Library
UNESCO has launched a website bringing together free digital maps, photographs, manuscripts and texts from all parts of the world


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