Newman University’s Students Union win RAG award

Updated on: 27/09/2017

Newman University, Birmingham has an extremely successful Students’ Union and their success has recently been acknowledged as they secured the title of ‘Most Improved’ at the 2017 Raise and Give (RAG) awards.

The National Student Fundraising Association (NASFA) run the awards along with the National Union of Students (NUS) and this year’s conference was held in Southampton. The conference is a 3 day event which sees RAG’s, staff members, charities and companies come together to learn from each other in order to raise as much money as possible for charity. Those present were given the chance to attend seminars to inspire them on how they can raise money back at their respective institutions as well as network with charities.

The finale of the event was the awards ceremony which took place at Southampton Football Clubs stadium; St Mary’s.

In order to be shortlisted for the variety of awards on offer each RAG committee had to submit a nomination expressing why they believed they were eligible to win the respective award. Newman University, Birmingham submitted their application, which is the first time they have every done so, as they felt they had improved drastically throughout the year. The RAG committee was practically non-existent in the previous academic year and the current committee were able to not only get RAG off the ground but make it hugely successful.

Previously RAG had been a society at the university without a place on the Students Union committee; however that was another change the RAG team at Newman were able to make. They now sit on the committee and are able to have a bigger influence within the university.

Throughout the year the committee and students of Newman University worked hard to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities and managed to exceed their target of £3,000 and actually raise a huge £4,046.18. Not only did the team beat their target but they have achieved this with no financial budget, meaning all of the proceeds from each event went to charity.

It was because of the above that Newman University’s RAG team were awarded with the ‘Most Improved’ award at RAG 2017.

Nicole Benney, RAG and Community Officer at Newman University commented ""This means so much to win, especially for a small institution and it is a real credit to all the hard work that the committee and volunteers have put in over the last year."

The RAG team has already set out a plan for the next academic year; to keep growing and reach a huge target of £6,000 and have many exciting activities planned throughout the year.  

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