Mr David McLoughlin

Research Interest

The use of the Bible in radical Christian worker movements (YCW, MCW, ACO, JOC, etc.); Jewish and Christian traditions in relation to social and political life and work; the mystical traditions of the world’s religions and cultures; practical and applied theology as developed from the Liberation Theology tradition of South America.

Representative Publications

  • 'Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel', New Blackfriars, Vol. 93, 163-174, (2012)
  • 'The Church Theologian and the Kingdom of God: An Uneasy Relationship' in Mannion, G. (ed.) Church and Religious "Other", (Edinburgh: T.& T.Clark, 2008)
  • 'The Church: A Community of Disciples' in Hession and Kieran (eds.) Exploring Theology: Making Sense of the Catholic Tradition (Dublin: Veritas, 2007)
  • 'Women and Children First? Jesus Teaching on the Family' The Pastoral Review Vol. 2 (2006)
  • 'Christian Self-Identity in the Face of Globalisation' New Blackfriars 86, 228-244 (2005)


  • TH412 - Christian Theology and the Classical Tradition
  • PL401 – Theology: Academic Development and Employability
  • CCRS Sacraments
  • TH511 Christian theology and Modernity
  • YM509 spirituality and Spiritual Development
  • TH608 - Mysticism East and West
  • TH611 - English Spirituality and the Cathedrals
  • TH612 - Europe reborn and divided 1400-1550
  • TH710 Method and Hermeneutics in theology
  • TH712 Constructing Theologies Past and Future

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