Dr Stu Ross

Position: Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Tel: 0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2450)
Email: S.Ross@newman.ac.uk

Stu has been a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Newman since January 2008. Prior to coming to Newman, he was founding Head of Psychology at Newport University and since 1993 has continuously held postdoctoral fellowships/lectureships in the universities of Strathclyde, Birmingham, UWE and Northampton. He holds a doctorate for research into children’s understanding of physics (Newtonian mechanics, Strathclyde) and also an MSc degree in Knowledge-Based Systems (A.I. from Sussex).

His research interests can be divided into two distinctive strands: Cognitive Development and Attributions associated with tattoos. He is particularly interested in Sapir Whorf theory and how children’s concepts are mediated by their first language.


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