Psychology & Counselling

"Psychology is a fascinating subject, which provides an insight into how the brain really works – a truly amazing thing. The environment here is very comfortable and relaxing – studying at Newman is an incredible experience."
Riaz Khan – Psychology student

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour. It ranges from understanding child development, through to how the brain works, why some people seem to be more outgoing than others, how people interact in groups, and why people are motivated to work.

At Newman there are single and joint honours courses available in Psychology. Single honours includes all the major areas of the discipline: social, development, individual differences, cognitive and physiological. The joint honours degree focuses on social, developmental and individual differences. In addition, students will learn research methods and statistics. There is a work placement in the second year, and students carry out a dissertation in the final year. All of our undergraduate psychology programmes are accredited by BPS. Our Foundation Degree in Counselling is also accredited by BACP.




Psychology at Newman is taught in relatively small class sizes, giving you greater contact with tutors and enabling an interactive teaching environment not possible in a large lecture theatre.

A wide range of Counselling courses are available at Newman. Our joint honours courses in Counselling Studies enable you to develop key counselling skills and develop a deep understanding of different counselling approaches. Such knowledge and skills are highly beneficial for any careers requiring strong people and communication skills.

Here at Newman we also specialise in professional counselling and psychotherapy courses, designed to give you the skills, qualifications and know-how to become a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.

Professional counselling training is a well-established area at Newman, with courses delivered by our pioneering counselling and psychology research group.

Our counselling programmes call upon a dedicated team who have a diverse range of expertise and experience. All staff have extensive experience as practitioners, and are dedicated to the training of counsellors and psychotherapists on professional courses. Furthermore, the team constantly pursues leading-edge research and scholarly activities to enrich their understanding and enhance their expertise – all of which ensures your learning experience is as valuable and rewarding as possible.

A wide variety of excellent resources are available at Newman for delivering professional counselling training, including a purpose-designed teaching facility featuring a two-way observation laboratory, and a dedicated IT suite for the analysis and presentation of data.

Courses of interest:
Counselling Studies and Working with Children, Young People and Families BA (Hons)

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time

Education and Counselling Studies BA (Hons)

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time, 4.5 years flexible learning (for further information on flexible learning courses click here)

Integrative Counselling top-up award

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

1-2 years part-time


Undergraduate - BSc (Hons)

3 years full-time

4 years part-time (for further information on part-time courses available click here)

Psychology and Counselling Studies BSc (Hons)

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time

Sport and Exercise Psychology BSc (Hons)

Undergraduate - BSc (Hons)

3 years full-time

4.5 years part-time (for further information on part-time course combinations available click here)

Integrative Counselling -

Foundation Degrees - Foundation Degree

3 years part-time

Applications of Psychology

Postgraduate - MSc PG Cert PG Dip

2-4 years part-time Distance Learning

Clinical Applications of Psychology

Postgraduate - MSc PG Cert PG Dip

2-4 years part-time Distance/Blended Learning

Integrative Psychotherapy (Child and Adolescent or Adult)

Postgraduate - MSc PG Cert PG Dip

3-4 years part-time

Introductory Certificate in Counselling

Part-time -

1 semester part-time