Funding for International Students

Most international students who come to study in the UK pay for their courses privately and many need to apply for grants to help them cover the costs. There are a number of national schemes run by the British government and other UK organisations which provide grants to help international students.

International students should also contact the Ministry of Education or Education Department in their own country for information on national aid schemes. In some countries, students are able to apply for a student loan from the Department of Education. International applicants should also contact the British Council Office in their own country for advice on opportunities and funding for studying overseas.

African Educational Trust
Scholarships and emergency funds are available for refugees from Africa completing a research degree.

The British Council
The British Council offers awards for overseas students wishing to study in Britain.  Applicants should apply through overseas British Council Offices.

China - Song Qingling Foundation
The Foundation aims to support research into the welfare, education and cultural development of Chinese children, and to promote international friendship and peace.

Cypriot - George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation
Cosmo Bldb.
Demosthenis Severis &Griva Dhigheni Aves.
POB 2200

The Foundation assists indigent Cypriots with awards and scholarships for higher education abroad.

The Croucher Foundation
The Foundation offers postgraduate studentships for residents of Hong Kong studying in the UK.

English Speaking Union
Promotes the mutual advancement of the education of the English speaking peoples of the world. Operates internationally in the fields of education, the arts and the humanities through the provision of scholarships and fellowships.
Jewish students - The Beis Malka Trust 
93 Alkham Road 
N16 6XD

Funds Jewish Educational Projects
Pestalozzi International Village Trust
The Trust supports students from India, Nepal, Thailand, and Jordan, who are trained in, among other things, primary health care in preparation for their return to help aid their own countries and communities.
Jewish - Adolph Bowden Charitable Trust
BK Kahn 
62 Gresham Gardens
NW11 8PD

The Trust gives special assistance to Jews (UK or Foreign) for the advancement of education and the Jewish religion.
UNESCO: Fellowships and Study Grants
7 Place de Fontenoy
75700 Paris

Awards are available for students who can demonstrate that their research is relevant to the development of their home country. The applicant must be a national of a UNESCO member state.

If you know of a funding agency contact that is not listed which may be of benefit to fellow researchers please email the details to:

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