Events and Seminar Series Archive

4th - 8th July 2016 First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek
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Monday 23rd May 2016 Inaugural Lecture by Professor Susan Docherty
Rewriting the Exodus video recording can be accessed via website:

December 2015 Advent Seminars
The Nativity in Art (Professor Martin O'Kane) and Popular Culture (Stephanie O'Connor)

Thursday 3rd December 2015 Public Seminar with Professor Martin O'Kane
Artist and Empire: The Bible and Colonial Art

20th - 24th July 2015 Introductory New Testament Greek Course

Saturday 6th June 2015 Annual Summer Conference
Dead Letters and Living Words: Continuty and Ceativity in the Interpretationa dn Use of the Bible

Thursday 12th February 2015 Public Seminars with Professor Steve Moyise
The Use of Scripture in Paul's Letters
Was the Birth of Jesus According to Scripture?

December 2014 Advent Seminars
The Nativity in the Gospels (Canonical and Non-Canonical)

August 2014 Annual Learn NT Greek Summer School

Saturday 12th July 2014 Annual Summer Conference
Voices in the Desert

February 2014 Public Seminar Series
Encountering the Gospel Through 1st Century Eyes

March 2013 Award of Bible Society Funding for Project on Use of the Bible in Schools

September 2012 Award of HEA Teaching Development Grant
Podcasts as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Biblical Studies in HE

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