God-complexity: Conceptualising the Divine Project

Have you ever wondered how people think about God?  Do they think purely in theological terms, such as the Christian Trinity or do they think of God in terms of the roles that God plays in their lives?  Does people’s theological understanding always match their personal experience of God?  In our latest research project, "God-complexity: Conceptualising the Divine," our team is investigating how people think about God and some of the consequences this has in their day-to-day lives.

Continuing the investigation of how people think about God in multiple ways, our new project, "God-complexity: Conceptualising the Divine," is one of a number funded by the John Templeton Foundation in order to better understand how people think about God (or gods).  The project is based on research in the field of social cognition, a sub-field of psychology that investigates how we think about ourselves and other people, and applies those theories to how people understand God. 

For further information please go to the God-complexity: Conceptualizing the Divine project website.

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