Full-time students can receive one of Newman’s scholarship schemes:

Academic Achievement Scholarship
John Henry Newman Scholarship

Academic Achievement Scholarships - Single and Combined Honours Courses (for A Level Students)

Newman will offer Academic Achievement Scholarships of £10,000 over three years for all full-time single and combined honours students on courses taught wholly on the Newman University campus (i.e. not in partnership with another institution) who put Newman as Firm choice on their UCAS application and achieve BBB/ABC (or above) at A2. You do not need to apply for these scholarships, we will contact you in August once your results are known. In order to be eligible for the scholarship you must:

  • Achieve either a minimum of BBB or ABC from three full A-levels (A2) awarded in one year
  • Be studying on a full-time, three year undergraduate course that charges the full tuition fee and must have selected Newman as your conditional firm or unconditional firm choice.
  • Be classed as a Home student by the Student Loans Company.

To continue to receive the scholarships in years 2 and 3 of your course you must pass all modules at the first attempt each year, achieving an average of 60% or above across all modules and progress onto the next stage of the course at the end of every academic year.

Academic Achievement Scholarships - Initial Teacher Education students

Ten Academic Achievement Scholarships worth £2,000 over three years are available to students on undergraduate Initial Teacher Education courses. The academic criteria for students being eligible for a scholarship are the same as for single and combined honours students (above). However as the number of scholarships is limited to ten, achieving the grades does not guarantee a scholarship. Once you have been made an offer of a place at Newman, please download and complete the application form to apply for the scholarship.

To continue to receive the scholarships in years 2 and 3 of your course you must pass all modules at the first attempt each year, achieving an average of 60% or above across all modules and progress onto the next stage of the course at the end of every academic year.

Scholarships will be awarded on the following criteria in preference order:

  • ABB+ or equivalent (see the scholarships qualification document below) and the highest number of A or A* at GCSE
  • Most GCSEs at A*
  • Attended a school with the lowest proportion of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE
  • Lottery of remaining applicants equal on all the above criteria

We expect most applicants will qualify for a scholarship, but a worked example of how the scholarships are distributed if there are more applicants than available scholarships is in the application form at the bottom of the page.

The flowchart at the bottom of this page also explains how we will distribute Academic Achievement Scholarships to ITE applicants.
Academic Achievement Scholarships - International Students

Newman has three  scholarships for International students for those who achieve a high standard of secondary education. These scholarships will be available for new applicants for single and combined honours undergraduate programmes in September 2014. Visit the International Students Scholarships page for further information.

John Henry Newman Scholarships

John Henry Newman Scholarships are available to applicants who have attended, and are awarded by, schools which are members of the Newman University Catholic Higher Education Network.   Each school or college which is part of the network  may award a maximum of two scholarships per year.  Recipients of the John Henry Newman Scholarship will receive £12,000 over the three years of their course, and will also contribute to the scholarly community by supporting the Chaplaincy team through liturgical and/or charity work for up to 3 hours per week during the first or second year of their studies.

Recipients of the John Henry Newman scholarship  must achieve of BBB or above  at A2. to qualify for the award, and achieve an average of 60% in all modules to continue to receive the award in years 2 AND 3

All scholarship payments will be made after Christmas each year.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Newman has 13 £10,000 scholarships for students who start a full or part-time Masters degree in September 2015.  These scholarships are available to students who graduated from their undergraduate degree (at Newman or elsewhere) with a 2i or above in 2015.  The scholarships will cover the total cost of tuition fees and provide a contribution towards living costs whilst students complete their Masters degree.  These scholarships will only be available in 2015 as a national system for postgraduate tuition fee loans will be in place in 2016.  For full details and an application form see the document at the bottom of this page


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