Level 4 Short Course for Health Mentors

Course length: 1 Year Part Time 


Newman University have recently developed a very exciting partnership with Evolve (a social impact company), which centres round the provision and accreditation of an innovative staff training programme. Through working collaboratively, the university and Evolve have created a Level 4 Short Course for Health Mentors, which has been specifically designed to provide bespoke training for Health Mentors deployed into schools by Evolve. This new course development provides an excellent opportunity for the university to work with a dynamic and proactive external partner in enhancing their staff training procedures.

The programme includes a range of learning opportunities including group study, work shadowing and independent work placements. The programme incorporates theoretical, practical and work-based experiences that are designed to provide a high quality, multidisciplinary education for students. The aim is to promote the development of students’ intellectual and key skills to enable them to progress with their studies and provide them with the necessary preparation for employment, further professional training and academic study.

 All modules involve lectures, seminars, group discussions, directed study tasks, independent learning and assessment tasks. All modules include activity in a workplace setting which enables students to focus on experiential learning and demonstrating key skills in the workplace, and which allows them to experience Health Mentor related work in various settings (e.g. such as schools).

The Short Course will normally be delivered over a 12 month period. Students will participate in 6 training sessions, which will normally occur during times when students are not completing work placement activities (i.e. school holiday periods). All elements of the three modules will be covered across these 6 training sessions.


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Newman University would like to draw your attention to our Academic Regulations. These regulations are your Terms of Reference and should be considered when making a decision to study with our institution.

Entry requirements

Normally, a minimum of 280 UCAS points, which can be achieved through A-Level qualifications (e.g. grades of B, B, C or A*, A*), BTEC National Diploma (with an overall grade of Distinction Merit Merit), or an Access Diploma (with a minimum of 39 credits with Merit or Distinction). Furthermore, participants would normally require five GCSEs at grade C or above, including GCSE English Language (or a recognised equivalent) and Mathematics.

In regard to entry onto the programme, as the course is designed for individuals in the employment of Evolve and who have been deemed suitable to be appointed to the role of Health Mentor, the principles of Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) and Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) would be applicable. That is to say, individuals without the normal entry requirements (i.e. 280 UCAS points) could gain access to the Short Course based on their prior work experience and learning, e.g. members of Evolve staff with 300 hours of work experience in roles related to working with children and young people in various settings.

Applicants will need to obtain Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance prior to starting this course.  For more information on your DBS application please click here.



Additional costs:

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is required for entry into this programme.  The cost of the DBS is currently £55 (including processing fee) with the option of subscribing to the update service which is currently £13 per year.  For more information on your DBS application please click here

Level 4 Short Course for Health Mentors

Module Title:                    The Foundations of Health Mentor Practice

Module Code:                   HMC400

Module Summary:          This module aims to provide an introduction to the role of a Health Mentor and associated work strands such as: mentoring, diet and physical activity. It considers the holistic nature of this role within educational settings by analysing the six intended outcomes that Health Mentors can achieve: physical health, emotional wellbeing, personal/character development, attendance, engagement and academic progress. Students will gain the underpinning knowledge required for the Health Mentor role and be able to apply this within various settings.



Module Title:                    Health Mentoring in Practice

Module Code:                   HMC401

Module Summary:          This module aims to enable students to explore and understand the relationship between theoretical principles and the Health Mentor role in a workplace setting. Within this module students will be expected to reflect on their experiences and demonstrate their ability to translate theory to practice. It also encourages students to take responsibility for managing their own learning, development and future training needs.



Module Title:                    Developing Health Mentor Practice

Module Code:                   HMC402

Module Summary:          This module aims to involve students in reviewing and evaluating their development in the role of a Health Mentor. Students will specifically explore how they have impacted upon the development of children and young people during their placement. Through this module, students will be able to articulate how the Health Mentor role is embedded within existing staffing arrangements, and how students and staff are able to share best practice and collaborate effectively.


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