Audio-Visual Services

Recording services
Copies can be made of off air recordings, for instance, School Broadcasts and Films. These are available to both students and staff, although we do require a few days' notice. Details of recordings can be found in the catalogue called 'Catalogue of Off Air Recordings'. You must contact support to make bookings for recording off air programmes (television and radio).

Lecture capture
Panopto is available at Newman to capture lectures and presentations.  Requests should be made to our Panopto technician who will then contact you to arrange the location, time, and specific requirements of your recording.  We are currently extending the number of rooms in which permanent recording equipment is located, but temporary tripods, cameras and microphones can be set up quickly and with no hassle.

Support for teaching
A range of audio and visual aids equipment such as DVD combination players, portable projectors, microphones, and flipcharts can be provided for staff. You must contact support to make bookings for any of these pieces of equipment.

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