IT Services

Mission Statement
Newman University IT Services aims to ensure the availability and ease of use of the University computer network and all other technical teaching and learning resources for Newman University staff and students. We are responsible for all hardware and software procurement, installation, support and maintenance. We aim to provide a friendly, professional and easy to use technical support service for all users of the network. The IT Helpdesk is based in The Hub (above the Sanctuary). The IT Helpdesk is the first place to contact if you have any technical issues during your time at Newman.

What IT facilities are available?
Students have free access to the Newman network. The majority of networked PCs are Intel Pentium Quad core devices. They are connected via a high speed optical fibre backbone to our server farm operating a Windows active directory system. We provide students and staff with access to a variety of applications, e-mail, the Internet and worldwide communications and other specialist software. A range of packages are available, including a high percentage of Microsoft applications.  We also have a centralised printing system, DVD-ROM facilities, scanners, digital cameras, CD writers, interactive whiteboards and interfaces for micro-electronic control technology.

Open Access Labs
The open access labs are open during normal University hours and also during evenings - depending upon the security arrangements (these times can be obtained from the Security Lodge)

What can IT help with?
The IT Helpdesk also does the following:

  • Issue student ID cards
  • Give you computer log-on details e.g. password etc
  • Replace lost/stolen student ID cards
  • Deal with any password/Newman email account issues
  • Issue printer credits
  • Set laptops up for wireless internet
  • Convert files
  • Sell USB sticks
  • Can try and recover lost or corrupt files
  • Put together training videos
  • Offer a repair service for broken student personal computers

The IT Helpdesk also offers telephone support (Tel: 0121 483 2293) and support via email:





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