University title celebration

To celebrate the award of full university title a short service of thanksgiving was held in the Chapel on Wednesday 6th February 2013, which reflected on the achievements of the past and looked forward to the successful future of Newman University

Welcome to this part of our celebration of University Title.

It is right that we pause and mark this moment here in our Chapel, which from the very outset of our story has been at the heart of campus, both as a sign of our inspiration and of our reliance on each other and on God.

We gather here also conscious of all those who have walked the corridors and quads of Newman before us;

The pioneers of the 1960’s who entered the world of Catholic teacher training with enthusiasm and courage.

The builders of the 1970’s who continued that tradition and grew Newman’s reputation.

The survivors and believers of the 1980’s who ensured our very future as they battled the closure of teacher training colleges and kept Newman on the map.

The developers of the 1990’s and 2000’s who expanded our mission and oversaw new programmes, new schools, more students and continued to underpin all that we do with the values of respect for others, social justice and equity. 

Now in 2013 we continue to be people who pioneer, build, survive, believe and develop, for our story is still unfolding. At each stage staff and students have gathered in this Chapel to celebrate, reflect, console and uplift each other. Today we do the same.

As a sign of this, as a sign of accepting our part in the Newman University story I invite you to take a candle and together let us share our light with one another.

Light candles

John Henry Newman famously described each person as having a mission, as being a link in a chain. We and all we work with and for are invited to play our part in the Newman University mission, as a mark of this we say together the words of Blessed John Henry Newman inscribed on the Globe outside our entrance…

God has created me

May we trust in each other, trust in God and trust in the ever developing vibrant future that I believe we have as Newman University.

May God continue to bless us and all who follow us…

Go in Peace…

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