Six Great Reasons to Live Away From Home

Student Life

If you live at home during your studies, it can be harder to make the most of your university experience. If you are living in halls of residence, student life is all around you. Newman has a great social scene with an active student community set up to ensure you have a fun time alongside your studies. 

Access To Facilities

Not all university halls are close to the university, but at Newman you will be living directly on campus. All the facilities on-site are easily accessible to you, if you fancy an early morning gym workout or a late-night study session then everything is only a stone throws away. Plus no early morning commute, you can roll out of bed for your 9am lecture!   

Lifelong Friends 

Strong friendships are built at university that will last a lifetime. When you first come to halls you will meet people from all walks of life, but everyone will be in the same position, and you will be able to support each other in this new chapter of your lives. 


Although moving away from home can feel daunting, you will learn valuable life lessons, from budgeting your money to cooking delicious meals, and of course being able to grow into a self-sufficient adult. 


Living in halls will be an opportunity for you to learn new and exciting things about yourself and the world around you. You will learn that you have the strength to overcome many challenges. You will also be able to try new things from new hobbies and sports, to different recipes.

Stress-Free Living

If you choose to live in halls over private accommodation you will free yourself the worry of paying bills, as they will be included in your fees.  You can rest assured that there is on-site support for all your needs 24-7, so sit back relax and enjoy your time, and let others worry about the scary stuff!

"I have lived in halls for three years and that’s because it is such an eye-opening experience. You are mixed with people from many countries, allowing you to learn from them and them from you. These people quickly become your family; you support each other through assignments and visit all sorts of social events together."
Joe Houghton – Psychology student

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