Combined Hons in Maths or Chemistry with Aston University (QTS at Newman)

4 years full-time


"I would particular like to highlight the documentation and support offered to students in association with their school experience. The School Placement tutor provides an evening support drop in system for students requiring additional help. The students are well supported during this element of their training and this is to be commended."
External Examiner
Why study Mathematics or Chemistry?

This innovative course is a collaboration between Aston University and Newman University, two higher education institutions in Birmingham with expertise in science/mathematics and initial teacher education respectively. You will gain a thorough understanding of the principles and applications of chemistry and/or mathematics and have the opportunity to gain qualified teacher status (QTS), which is required to teach in UK state schools.

In the first two years of the course you will study mathematics or chemistry plus one other subject at Aston University.

Mathematics students will understand the need for rigour and proof in Mathematics and use them in the subjects studied and beyond. The course will enable you to apply the principles and methods of Mathematics to a wide range of physical and data based models, and you will have a deep grounding in a wide range of computational methods, balancing the practical applications with appropriate theoretical underpinning.

Within the chemistry course, strong emphasis is placed on the acquisition and development of laboratory skills. From the beginning of the academic year you will gain ‘hands-on’ experience in laboratory classes. You will receive instruction and practice in some of the fundamentals, such as the preparation and purification of compounds, the use of modern equipment for measuring physical properties, separating and analysing compounds and learning the methods of synthesis.

You will also have the opportunity to develop the skills and attributes required to make a successful application, during year two, to transfer to the initial teacher education course for years three and four. During the first and second years, you will also develop an understanding of the role of a modern teacher, improve confidence in the classroom, develop the interpersonal, leadership and communication skills required to be an effective teacher of science or mathematics. You can also gain essential experience in school through the Student Associates Scheme

In the third and fourth years, you will alternate between further developing your subject knowledge at Aston University and working towards gaining qualified teacher status at Newman University. The initial teacher education element of the course is designed to give you the competencies and attributes to be a successful teacher through a theoretical understanding of education and practical placements in secondary schools. You will learn how to teach the mathematics or science curriculum between the ages of 11-16, develop inspirational lessons to enable pupils to develop their love of science or the beauty of mathematics. You will develop the essential skills to become an effective classroom/science laboratory practitioner, utilise strategies to enhance the understanding of pupils with a variety of learning styles and build the knowledge and skills to plan, implement and evaluate effective lessons.

You should note that acceptance on to the combined honours course at Aston does not guarantee acceptance to transfer to the initial teacher education element of the course administered by Newman, leading to QTS. It is a government requirement that all applicants for QTS courses are interviewed to assess their suitability for the teaching profession, and meet all the requirements for entry set by the Teaching Agency. However, you will be given support and encouragement in the first and second years to aid your application.

Contact for course content enquiries

Aston Combined honours: Miranda Cleal

Admissions: 0121 204 4289
Fax: 0121 204 4287

Entry requirements

Admission to the Combined Honours programme at Aston usually requires a total of 300-320 (BBB/ABB) points from three A2 levels or two A2 levels and two AS levels. Aston accepts A2 Level General Studies if three A2 levels are taken, or AS General Studies if two A2 levels are taken. You must obtain a minimum pass grade B (A2 level) in either Chemistry or Mathematics for admission to this course. A successful interview is required in the second year to progress on to the initial teacher education aspect of the course at Newman.



Course structure

Combined Hons in Maths or Chemistry with Aston University (QTS at Newman)

Science or mathematics curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4
Science or mathematics pedagogy
Learning styles
Classroom management
Cross curricular issues
Effective use of ICT in education
Planning, assessment and differentiation strategies
Curriculum implementation
Leadership and management in schools
Health and safety

Courses at Newman are constantly evolving to reflect changes in the field of study. Therefore, modules listed here are indicative and may be subject to change for each academic year.

Course code

Single Honours: 100% Combined Hons in Maths or Chemistry with Aston University (QTS at Newman)

UCAS code:

Please apply direct to Newman for the teaching element

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