Foundation Year in Social Science Subjects

Newman University is piloting a new innovative Foundation Year for our social science degrees. The Foundation Year is pre-degree course that can lead on to our existing lead onto our existing degree courses in:

  • Counselling Studies
  • Working with Children, Young People and Families
  • Youth and Community Work
  • Psychology
  • Applied Social Science
  • Criminology
  • Health and Social Care
  • Sport and Education
  • Sport and Exercise Studies

You need to apply in UCAS for a named degree, but can swap onto other degrees in the course of the year, if the subject agrees.

What is it about?

The Foundation Year in Social Sciences promotes  understanding of education, society and the social sciences, alongside consideration of your own educational journey, to effectively prepare you for degree level study. It sees personal reflection, growth and high levels of student determination as essentials. It provides a supportive learning environment to develop your confidence, intellectual curiosity, plus the ability to manage working as a member of a team as well as autonomously.

Course Structure

The foundational modules Studentship, Education and Society go across the programme, examining what is needed to be successful in Higher Education, including your own approach to learning. These work through your experiences of formal assessment, such as exams, reading academically and academic writing conventions, to help develop strategies in overcoming barriers to effective engagement.

You will also undertake Foundations of Social Sciences, where you will explore the relevance of philosophy, politics, sociology, psychology and economics, and applied social science such as sports science, criminology and health, to everyday lives.

In the second semester, you will undertake undertake two projects:

  • Understanding and exploring society: You will further apply what you have learnt to the real world.
  • Proposal for successful further study: You will investigate and make a case for studying on the subsequent course they wish to study. This involves undertaking both desk based research and interviews with lecturers and current students, as well as undertaking direct experience of the teaching conducted across at least two courses within the pathway.
Entry Requirements

You will ideally require 48-80 UCAS points. However, as all applicants will be invited to interview, there is an opportunity to discuss any circumstances that may have affected the accrual of level three credits. Those with considerable work and life experience of a complexity that demonstrates an aptitude to study at degree level, but with no formal qualifications, will also be accepted. Different degree pathway options available at the end of the Foundation Year have different entry requirements. Whilst not a condition of entry onto the Foundation Year, students wishing to enter particular routes will need to meet these by the time they complete the year.


2017 Fees are £4,560 for the Foundation Year and are funded through the government loan scheme. Fees for the successive three years are currently £9,250 per year (effectively meaning you undertake a four year degree).

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