Youth Work

"I like the fact the topics we cover are varied and we have the opportunity to learn about psychology, sociology, group dynamics and group work, community work, and communication and crime as well as the more practical/professional elements of youth and community work. The placement gives you the opportunity to work in the field and get a feel for the sort of job you may want once you leave university."
Lee Ritchie – Youth and Community Work student

Newman University is the main provider of accredited youth work training in the West Midlands. The range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level combine a theoretical understanding of policy and practice and practical skills development to enable people currently working with and managing organisations for young people, or who intend to develop their career in this area to improve their knowledge and expertise in the field.

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses are recognised by the JNC and provide professional as well as academic qualifications. In many cases full-time and part-time students study together, and are able to learn from each other's experiences in different roles and setting, which provides further insight into multi-agency working, and relates the course content to real world scenarios.

Two new professionally based routes are also available, subject to validation, offering those in relevant employment the opportunity to gain Newman's JNC recognised degree via a more flexible and convenient route.

Engaging with young people is an important strand of government policy, and is an essential component of developing a cohesive society.

Courses of interest:
Youth and Community Work

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time, 4.5 years flexible learning (for further information on flexible learning courses click here)

Youth and Community Work BA (Hons) with Foundation Year

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

Youth and Community Work top-up award

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

1 year full-time, 1-2 yrs part-time

Youth Studies top-up

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

1 year full-time; 1-2 years part-time

Chaplaincy With Young People

Postgraduate - PG Cert

1 year (flexible) part-time, blended learning.   18 months (flexible) part-time, distance learning (subject to weekend dates).

Youth and Community Work

Postgraduate - MA PG Dip

1-2 years full-time, 2-3 years part-time

Working with Children, Young People and Families

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time, 4.5 years part-time (for further information on part-time courses click here)