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ABTAPL usually meets twice a year. A day conference including a visit to a library in the specialisation is held in the Autumn, and there is a residential weekend held in the Spring. In recent years visits have been made to Durham, Edinburgh, Dublin, Salisbury, Birmingham, Winchester, Oxford and London. These occasions are valuable not only for seeing the wide variety of modern library practice in many different institutions, but also for the opportunities of meeting other librarians in the same specialisations. Such opportunities are highly regarded by our members, many of whom work in "one-person libraries" and are not otherwise able to widen their professional education. (Latest Notice of Meetings)


2017 ABTAPL Spring Conference in Birmingham


Presentations and handouts from the 2017 ABTAPL Spring Conference in Birmingham on "Quality and Standards in Theological Libraries"

Presentation: CoLRIC's Peer Assessment Scheme (PAS) Margaret Phillips and Collette Xavier (CoLRIC)

Handout: CoLRIC Peer Assessment Scheme Criteria

Handout: SCONUL Benchmarking checklist



ABTAPL presentations and handouts from this training Course – Information Literacy (IL) for Theological Librarians held 28 November 2016

Session: Tools for Producing Online Videos for Distance Learners Dr Andrew Walsh (University of Huddersfield)

Session: Where to find Online Information (Dr Meriel Patrick (University of Oxford) - best viewed as a slideshow




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