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Name of Library: Dundee University Archives

Address: Tower Building, University of Dundee, Nethergate, Dundee,


Town: Dundee

Telephone: 01382 344 095

Fax: 01382 345 523

E-mail: p.e.whatley@dundee.ac.uk

Website: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/Archives

Alternative names


Ms. Patricia Whatley

Job Title

University Archivist and Head of Department

Purpose and main user community of the library

To store, manage, and make accessible the records of the University and its predecessor

Terms of access

Walk in (prior warning will ensure records are available on arrival). Maps and plans require 24

hours notice.

Opening hours

Term: M-W,F 09.00-18.00.

Vacation: M-W,F 09.00-17.00.

Disabled access

Disabled access access.


None (Informal agreements with other archives possible).


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Current Periodicals


Volumes added per year



Mainly records of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Brechin Diocese; Glasite Church

(independent church); Methodist Church.

Special Collections

Glasite Church:Correspondence 1790-1896, “exhortations” 1848-1877, sermons 1728?1730

and ca. 1834-1871, miscellaneous papers ca. 1834-1871, including papers relating to Michael

Faraday. Methodist Church, Arbroath and Montrose: Minute books of church and its

organisations 1872-1976; schedules 1873-1973; financial records 1798-1989; register of

baptisms 1848?1886; Arbroath Circuit notebook 1857-1863; notebook of communion roll,

trustees, service details etc. 1883-1894; material relating to communicants and church

members 1873-1889; records of organisations within the church 1857-1898; records of the

sewing guild ca. 1924?1945; miscellaneous invoices, receipts and specifications relating to

Station Road Manse and the Wesleyan Bazaar 1902-1905; legal papers relating to the

Wesleyan Chapel, Arbroath 1738-1944; correspondence 1882-1967; architectural plans and

specifications concerning the church and manse ca. 1862-1964.Herbert Watt Torrance,

Medical Missionary (1892?1977:Photographs of Middle East, particularly Israel, Palestine and

Scottish Mission Hospital at Tiberius, also North Africa 1880-1968, France and Serbia

1916-1918, India 1936, Europe, U.S.A., Canada 1954-1974; subjects are views, the hospital,

local people and customs, biblical representations, flora and fauna, medical conditions, World

War I; photographs by the Torrance family; professional and commercially produced

photographs, postcards, lantern slides, film strips, particularly of Israel, Palestine and Middle

East mainly by G. Eric Matson of American Colony, ca. 1920-1972, also “L&L”, Photoglob

Zurich (photographs derived from Bonfils), and others; notebooks kept by Torrance of flora and

fauna, biblical references, local customs, 1929?1973, medical conditions ca. 1940; rules on

nurses’ attitude to patients, early 20th century.College and Collegiate Church of the Holy Spirit,

Isle of Cumbrae:Sermons, prayers orders of service, etc. ca. 1854-1900, constitution and

statutes 1851-ca. 1901, calendars 1865-1878, presentations, collations, ordinations, etc.,

mainly diocese of Argyll and The Isles 1826-1926, correspondence including letters from

George Frederick Boyle (6th Earl of Glasgow), 1832-1929.Dr. William Leslie Christie (ca.

1903-1979):Correspondence, common place books, files of newspaper cuttings,

miscellaneous pamphlets and papers, subjects relate particularly to Scottish Episcopal

Church. 1930-1976.

The Library also holds the Brechin Diocesan Library of rare books (formerly in Laurencekirk,



Brechin Diocesan Library Manuscripts: Correspondence of Alexander Penrose Forbes and

George Frederick Boyle 1844-1875; correspondents include William Gladstone, John Keble,

Edward Pusey, George Baron Kinnaird of Rossie and Anthony Cooper, 7th Earl of

Shaftesbury. Miscellaneous title deeds, legal papers, correspondence, printed material and

other papers 1592-1975 including Baptism register 1723-1735, papers of the Scottish

Episcopal Church Society 1852-1875, Psalter early C15, book of hours mid-C15, sermons

1435, commonplace book of William Drummond of Hawthornden 1604-1649, rental book of

Panmure estates 1724-1727, commonplace books 1682-1869, miscellaneous sermons

1730-1836, sermons of Thomas Holland 1913-1948, miscellaneous tracts, prayers, treatises

and lectures ca. 1709?1939.Dean William Leslie Christie: transcripts of episcopal records ca.

1899?1923, including episcopal registers, miscellaneous diaries and journals, papers and

mss. in the ‘episcopal chest’, letters bearing on history of Brechin Diocese, biographical notes

on C17-18th episcopal clergy, scrapbooks.Records of the Diocese of Brechin 1770?1929,

including minute books 1770-1929; records of the Brechin Diocesan Library 1821?1927, lists

and catalogues of books 1828?1937; records of congregations within the Diocese of Brechin

1752-1903.Photographs ca.1870-ca.1903.Records of St Mary's Church, Arbroath, including

minute books 1910-1961, financial records 1847-1974, registers of services 1912?1974,

congregational registers 1812-1977.Records of St Margaret's Church, Lochee, including

minute books 1929-1968, annual accounts, 1912-1951, ledgers 1891-1972, financial records

1903-1950, registers of services 1896?1977, congregational registers 1861-1972,

miscellaneous plans.Records of Church of Holy Rood, Carnoustie, including minute books

1898-1966, financial records 1883-1965, registers of services 1876-1963, papers relating to R.

R. Lingard-Guthrie, papers relating to the church fabric and building projects 1881-1943,

miscellaneous papers 1881-1971, photographs 1880-1936, plans and drawings

1888?1970.Records of St James Episcopal Church, Stonehaven, including minutes and

accounts 1757?1780, register of burials 1828-1865, register of marriages 1770-1813,

1828-1880, registers of baptisms 1756-1878, register of confirmations 1795-1860,

miscellaneous papers 1812-1867.

Research resource

History of the Episcopal church in the north-east of Scotland (but also nationally with regard to

Bishop A.P. Forbes, especially the Eucharistic Controversy); History and theology of the

Glasite church; Aspects of Presbyterian missionary work; Methodism in Angus.

Catalogue Type

Electronic catalogue; PCs for use by readers with MS Access source lists (including one for


URL of catalogue

Summaries of our main collections can be found through:http://www.dundee.ac.uk/Archives/

Other facilities

Access to catalogues and source lists; photocopying; digital imaging.

Full Time Staff 3 archivists, 2 archives assistants, 2 records management

Part Time Staff

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