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Name of Library: Exeter Cathedral Library

Address: West Wing, Bishop's Palace, Palace Gate, Exeter, EX1 1HX

Town: Exeter

Telephone: 01392 272894

Fax: 01392 498769

E-mail: library@exeter-cathedral.org.uk

Website: http://www.exeter-cathedral.org.uk

Alternative names


Peter W Thomas

Job Title


Purpose and main user community of the library

Research and historical collections to support scholarship at all levels.

Terms of access

Open to the public. Consultation of manuscripts and pre-1901 imprints by appointment only.

Opening hours

M-F 14.00-17.00

Disabled access

Standard entry route is unsuitable; given advance notice, we will provide an escort via an alternative route.


Restricted to modern non-reference material and clergy of the diocese.



Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



ca 100 mss (ca 20 pre-1501)

Volumes added per year



The main strength of the printed holdings is in early material generally, which is largely

theological. Some attempt is made to keep up with current publications in the field of Liturgy.

Most aspects of Theology are covered to some extent. Most of the C18 and earlier material is

perhaps Church History, Fathers, commentaries and volumes of sermons and pamphlets,

with recurring themes such as attacks by the Church of England on Catholics. Later material

is largely miscellaneous Church of England devotional and doctrinal but also includes some

Church of Scotland items.

Special Collections

Harington Collection: (C1619) Church history, Church of Scotland, Anglican polemics.


Early mss. include a Psalter, lectionaries, ordinal, missals, sermons, pontifical, martyrology,

Fathers, misc. theology, etc. (some local).

Research resource

MSS, rare early printed material, local church history

Catalogue Type

Computer and Card

URL of catalogue

Pre-2001 holdings included in University of Exeter catalogue at http://lib.ex.ac.uk

Other facilities

Photocopying, web access

Full Time Staff 0

Part Time Staff 2

Voluntary Staff 25 (part-time)

Future plans
  Concentration of library holdings and archives on one site; creation of independent web-based catalogue; improvement of facilities for access, reading, and display.

See /The library and archives of Exeter Cathedral/, by L J Lloyd & Audrey M Erskine, 3rd edn (Exeter, 2004), ISBN 0-9548695-0-8

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