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Name of Library: Maughan Library and ISC

Address: King's College London, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LR

Town: London

Telephone: 020 7848 2424

Fax: 020 7848 2277

E-mail: libraryenquiry@kcl.ac.uk

Website: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/iss/library

Alternative names


Graeme Lockheart

Job Title

Information Specialist (Arts & Humanities)

Purpose and main user community of the library

Serves staff and students of the College and outside readers, with permission. Fees charged

Terms of access

Once only consultation possible for items not readily available elsewhere. Students from

universities other than the University of London or Holding a Sconul Research Extra card only

admitted during vacation periods. Outside readers wishing to make frequent use of material

should apply IN WRITING to 'ISC Membership Applications'

Opening hours

If above conditions are satisfied, opening hours are as follows.
Term-time: M-F 08.30-22.00, Sa 09.30-17.30, Su 11.00 - 19.00; Vacation: M-F 09.30-19.00.
Opening hours can vary depending on the time of year and particularly during vacation periods. Visitors should telephone beforehand.

Disabled access

Disabled access access is facilitated as far as possible within this Listed Building. Disabled access lifts,

WCs, as well as several dedicated parking spaces have all been incorporated. Hearing

induction loops are available at both the Counter Services Desk and the Enquiries Desk.

What is more, staff are always ready to assist disabled users in accessing materials where


ILL available

Visitors who have a particular need to borrow should apply to 'ISC Membership Applications' IN

WRITING. Fees are charged.


Approximately 85,000 main stock items of relevance to Philosphy, Theology, and Religious


Periodicals - Back Issues

Approximately 225 of relevance to Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies

Current Periodicals

Approximately 150 titles currently bought by Philosophy, and Theology and Religious Studies


Staff and Students have access to a wide range of electronic resources including databases

and ejournals. All electronic resources are listed on the King's College Library web pages. A

video/DVD collection is also available but its use is principally restricted to King's College staff

and students.

Volumes added per year



The collection supports the undergraduate programme of teaching of B.A. degrees in Theology, Religious Studies, Religion in the Contemporary World, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Philosophy and Theology, War Studies, Theology and Religious Studies, the Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies and the postgraduate M.A. programmes in Bible and Theology, Biblical Studies, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, Jewish Studies, Religion in Contemporary Society, Systematic Theology, and, Theology and Ministry. The collection also supports the Associate of King's College programme.

Special Collections

Box Collection: Library of Canon George Herbert Box (1869-1933), Professor of Hebrew at

King's; Judaica, the languages, literature and history of the Middle East, including many works

in Hebrew, Syriac and other Middle Eastern languages; 4,900 vols.

Rainbow Collection: Library of Dr. Bernarr Rainbow, Director of Music at the College of St.

Mark and St. John, Chelsea; Christian and Jewish hymnals and other liturgical music; 700


Rare Books Collection: Ca. 10,000 vols.; has significant holdings in the areas of Judaica,

patristic texts and Christian practical theology. It includes the Marsden Collection (books from

the library of William Marsden, 1754-1836), which contains a number of rare early Bibles in

European, Oriental and Native American languages.

Ratcliff Collection: Library of Canon Edward Craddock Ratcliff (1896-1967), Professor of

Liturgical Theology at King's; Christian liturgical works; 1,300 vols.

Relton Collection: Library of Professor Herbert Maurice Relton (1882-1971), Professor of

Dogmatic Theology at King's; Christian doctrine, spiritualism and ecclesiastical history; 1,000


Sion Collection: The post 1850 holdings from the former library of Sion College; doctrinal and

practical theology, ecclesiastical history; 70,000 vols.


Research resource

The collection is one of the largest and most important theological libraries in the country.

Since its foundation as a religious institution in 1829, King's has built up strong collections in

Biblical Studies; Ecclesiastical History (including liturgical studies and music); Systematic

Theology; Philosophy of religion; Patristics and medieval texts; the history of the printing and

publication of the Bible in Europe and beyond. Over the past 25 years much material on World

Religions and the Sociology and Psychology of religions has been added.

Catalogue Type

Available Online

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Photocopying via the purchase of a photocopying card. Word processing, CD-ROM use and

online databases/ejournals accesible to King's staff and students only.

Full Time Staff 53

Part Time Staff 23

Voluntary Staff

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