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Guide to Theological Libraries
ABTAPL Guidelines for Theological libraries
ABTAPL Union List of Periodicals
Copyright Declaration Form
ABTAPL Bulletin

In this country ABTAPL has attempted to fulfil on a national level the role which was envisaged for it as part of the international organisation. It has done so by producing a guide to religious bibliographies in serial literature, in addition to the Bulletin and the programme of meetings.

The new edition of the Guide to Theological Libraries can now be accessed online.

Please send any amendments to Janet Smith (E-mail: eresources@newman.ac.uk)

The ABTAPL Guidelines for Theological Libraries (pdf file)

The primary aim of the booklet is to set out guidelines for the provision of library services in colleges involved in theological education and training. This edition replaces those produced in 1990 and covers areas such as collection management, information technology, information literacy, staffing, library co-operation and management. It is hoped that the guidelines will be of some practical use to a wider range of institutions that constitute the ABTAPL membership.  

For further information or to order printed copies of the Guidelines
(£5.00 incl. of p&p), please contact:

Carol Reekie
Federation Librarian
Cambridge Theological Federation
Wesley House
Jesus Lane
Cambridge CB5 8BJ
Tel: 01223 741043
E-mail: cr248@cam.ac.uk

ABTAPL Union List Of Periodicals

This is now available on the web at http://www.le.ac.uk/abtapl/
The Union List includes the philosophy, theology and religious studies journal holdings of 44 different institutions in the UK and should prove a useful tool in tracing the location of titles. Publisher details are given for some titles and links to free electronic journals are also included.

New contributors to the web edition include: the Henry Martyn Centre, Redcliffe College Library, the University of Leicester Library and Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.

Amendments or new contributions to the Union List should send details to:

Emma Walsh
E-mail: emma.walsh@regents.ox.ac.uk

Copyright Declaration Forms

Members are reminded that if they supply photocopies for other libraries, a Copyright Declaration Form must be signed by the person requesting the copy and returned to the library making the copy. A sample Copyright Declaration Form is available as a Microsoft Word document. Members can insert their own logos as appropriate. [N.B. The text of this form may have to change once details of the new legislation are known in June 2003].

ABTAPL's Interlending Guidelines can also be accessed as a Microsoft Word document.


The Bulletin is published by the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries as a forum for professional exchange and development in the fields of theological and philosophical librarianship. It is published three times a year (March, June and November) and now has a circulation of approximately 300 copies, with about one third of that number going to libraries in Europe, North America and the Commonwealth. For subscription details, please contact:

Jayne Downey (Hon. Editor),
Sarum College Library,
19 The Close,

E-mail: library@sarum.ac.uk


Subscriptions: Institutions £30.00 / US$60.00 / €50.00 per annum
Personal members £15.00 / US$25.00 / €32.00 per annum (not posted to library addresses)
Unwaged personal members £6.00 (not posted to library addresses)
Payments to the Honorary Treasurer (address above)
Back Numbers:

£2.00 each (November 1989 special issue: £3.00). Please contact the Honorary Editor (address above).

Free online access to back issues of the ABTAPL Bulletin (except for the last two years) is available at:

Advertising: Enquiries about advertising options and rates should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary (address above).
Articles & Reviews: The Honorary Editor welcomes articles or reviews for consideration. Suggestions or comments may also be sent to the address above.

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