September 2022

Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies (UKCP Accredited)

Advanced Diploma, Postgraduate, September 2022

Entry Requirements

Please note that this qualification is only available to students who have completed the MSc Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy Studies degree at Newman University.

Upon successful completion of the MSc, students will be able to progress on to the Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies. Students wishing to progress must fill out a direct application form – the link can be found on the MSc Moodle pages.

International Students
The University is not licensed by the UK Government to sponsor migrant students under the Student route and is therefore unable to accept applications from international students at present.

If you have any questions regarding entry onto this course please contact our friendly and helpful admissions team via our Admissions Enquiry Form

Course Fees

The fee for the additional one year programme is  £3,700 for September 2022.

*The University will review tuition fees and increase fees in line with any inflationary uplift as determined by the UK Government, if permitted by law or government policy, on enrolment and in subsequent years of your course. It is anticipated that such increases would be linked to RPI (the Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments).

Additional Costs 

The following costs are in addition to your university fees:

  • Personal Therapy: Minimum 105 hours (for psychotherapeutic counsellor) or 160 hours (for psychotherapist) between £40 – £65 per session. Minimum 30 hours of personal therapy per year.
  • Clinical Supervision as follows: Minimum 75 hours @ between £40 – £65 per hour. 1:6 (1 hour of supervision for every 6 hours of clinical work)
  • An audio recording device and / or memory cards or other approved equipment for the storage of audio client audio and / or video records
  • Annual membership fees to Universities Psychotherapy & Counselling Association (UPCA) (mandatory) and UKCP (optional) – normally approximately £50
  • Annual indemnity insurance (payable from year 2 of the MSc – normally at least 4 years) – estimated cost £50-80 per year.
  • Initial Enhanced DBS clearance fee and update levy cost.
  • Travelling costs
  • Books

Certificate in Professional Practice (CPP) Enrolment

 As part of the enrolment process for both the MSc and Advanced Diploma, you will be expected to enrol onto the Certificate in Professional Practice (CPP) at the same time. There is no additional cost for this programme during the taught programme, however, you will be required to pay one module based fee per year (e.g. £1100 for 2021/22) once you have completed your taught component. You will be instructed how to enrol via our admissions team upon being made an offer to the course.


Please be aware that, as with any course, there may be changes to the modules delivered, for information view our Changes to Programmes or Module Changes page.

Timetables: find out when information is available to students

  1. During this module, students will work on complex client presentations as part of preparing for professional accreditation as a UKCP psychotherapist. This will be achieved via the consideration of the following practice-based themes:
    • Personal & Professional development
    • Complex Client Presentations and Case Management
  2. This advanced psychotherapy module will offer and in-depth exploration of the theory and practice of clinical assessment processes and clinical case formulation, based on integrative practice which takes full account of social and contextual factors. During this module, students will undertake an in-depth exploration of a range of specialist contexts. This will be achieved via the consideration of a range of practice-based themes. This module will cover two overall topics:
    • Therapy in context
    • Advanced Integration in Practice

Additional Information

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