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Honours Degree with Foundation Year , Full-Time

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Key Details

  • 4 Years
  • 48 Typical UCAS Tariff
English class


This course is subject to re-validation for September 2020 entry. Re-validation is a standard academic procedure to ensure course content is current and reflects subject area knowledge.

The Foundation Year offers an innovative new pathway into your degree. It is the first part of a four-year degree programme. It provides an alternative route for those unable to meet the traditional entry requirements for a three-year degree. It will prepare you for your degree studies in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

You will begin with an exploration of education and society, alongside a consideration of your own educational journey, before moving onto engage with a range of topics. Over the course of the year, you will build the skills and experience to prepare you for your chosen degree.

The following courses are offered with a Foundation Year:

Counselling Studies and Working With Children Young People and Families (with Foundation Year) 

Criminology (with Foundation Year) 

Drama, Theatre and Applied Performance (with Foundation Year) 

Early Childhood Education and Care (with Foundation Year) 

English (with Foundation Year) 

English and Creative Writing (with Foundation Year) 

Forensic Psychology (with Foundation Year) 

Health and Social Care (with Foundation Year) 

History (with Foundation Year) 

Physical Education and Sport (with Foundation Year) 

Psychology (with Foundation Year) 

Psychology and Childhood Studies (with Foundation Year) 

Psychology and Counselling Studies (with Foundation Year) 

Psychology with Sport (with Foundation Year) 

Sport Development With Coaching (with Foundation Year) 

Studies in Primary Education (with Foundation Year) 

Theology and Philosophy (with Foundation Year) 

Working with Children Young People and Families (with Foundation Year) 

Youth and Community Work (with Foundation Year) 

Why study this course?

The Foundation Year is the first year of a four-year degree programme. The Foundation Year provides you with the opportunities to develop the foundations you need to achieve success in your chosen degree. During the year, you will have opportunities to build your skills and confidence in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

You will explore themes and ideas related to your chosen degree programme in small group discussion. You will build your digital literacy and your written and verbal communication skills. You’ll work collaboratively with your tutors and fellow students as you journey into higher education.

On applying for the Foundation Year, you will apply for one of the named degree pathways listed above. If you change your mind about what you wish to study, however, you can transfer to another of the listed degree programmes.

What does the course cover?

You will explore a range of topics, beginning with a consideration of your educational experiences and your own approach to learning. Through group discussion, you will consider the purpose and structures of education and explore your approach to formal assessments including academic writing.

You will have opportunities to explore the concepts and themes of your chosen degree subject. The Foundation Year will enable you to develop your abilities to discuss and understand new ideas. It will enable you to enhance your digital literacy skills and foster your ability to reflect on your learning and development.

Drawing on disciplines ranging from psychology and sociology to history and philosophy, your broad study in the Foundation Year incorporates contemporary debates and issues of social justice.

How will I be assessed?

The Foundation Year takes an innovative approach to assessment. Over the course of the year, you’ll developing your academic writing skills, digital literacy and communication skills through a variety of tasks and informal assignments.


For more information on what assessment looks like on your chosen degree pathway, see the relevant degree page.

What careers could I consider?

The Foundation Year provides the opportunities for you to reflection on your educational experiences and learning style. You will gain experience and confidence in your digital and communication skills, laying the foundations not only for success in your chosen degree programme but in your future graduate career.

The vast range of career opportunities available to our graduates reflects the range of degree pathways available to you after the completion of the Foundation Year. For more information on the graduate career opportunities in your chosen degree programme, please see the programme pages.

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Entry Requirements

Students are invited to apply to the Foundation Year based on either their qualifications or work and life experience. Students will ideally require 48 UCAS points, however those with considerable work and life experience of a complexity that demonstrates an aptitude to study at degree level, but with no formal qualifications, will also be accepted.

Different degree pathway options available at the end of the Foundation Year have different additional entry requirements. If you require any further information or clarification of entry requirements, please contact our friendly, helpful Admissions department, who will be happy to help.

Apply Online

In order to qualify for study finance, applicants much choose a specific Foundation Year entry route from the list below. Although you will apply for a specific course via UCAS you will study the Foundation Year in Social Sciences then progress on to your chosen 3 year undergraduate course in your 2nd year of study at Newman.

Apply now: Counselling Studies and Working with Children, Young People and Families (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: B942

Apply now: Criminology (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: L313

Apply now: Drama, Theatre and Applied Performance (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: W410

Apply now: Early Childhood Education and Care (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: X333

Apply now: English (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: Q310

Apply now: English and Creative Writing (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: Q3W8

Apply now: Forensic Psychology (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C817

Apply now: History (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: V110

Apply now: Health and Social Care (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: L511

Apply now: Physical Education and Sport  (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C602

Apply now: Psychology (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C80F

Apply now: Psychology and Childhood Studies (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C802

Apply now: Psychology and Counselling Studies (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C803

Apply Now: Psychology with Sport (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C806

Apply now: Sport Development with Coaching (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: C603

Apply now: Studies in Primary Education (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: 9X74

Apply now: Theology and Philosophy (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: V6V5

Apply now: Working with Children, Young People and Families (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: L54F


Apply now: Youth and Community Work (with Foundation Year) UCAS CODE: L53F

Course Fees

Fees for Foundation Year:
Full time UK/EU students: £9,250*

* Fees shown are for 2020/21 academic year. The University will review tuition fees and increase fees in line with any inflationary uplift as determined by the UK Government, if permitted by law or government policy, on enrolment and in subsequent years of your course. It is anticipated that such increases would be linked to RPI (the Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments).

Fees for the following three years are currently £9,250 per year. Please go to the corresponding 3 year undergraduate degree page for details.

Additional Costs

Find out more about the other additional costs associated with our undergraduate degrees. 

Additional Information

In order to qualify for study finance, applicants much choose a specific Foundation Year entry route (see UCAS Codes on reverse). You will apply for a specific course via UCAS. On achieving a place with us, you will take the Foundation Year. On successful completion will move onto your chosen 3-year undergraduate degree programme.

General Academic Regulations: Terms and Conditions for students attending our courses

Module Information

The Foundation Year is currently undergoing a restructure. More detail on the modules during your Foundation Year will be available here soon.



For details on the modules you may study in the second, third and fourth year of your studies, please see the course page for your chosen degree pathway.