Helen Bardy – Programme Leader

welcomes you to learn more about Chaplaincy at Newman

We are delighted you are interested in this course and hope that this means you are already engaged in Chaplaincy or equivalent pastoral work. If so thank you for all you offer. The course is an applied one, for you in your Chaplaincy role, whether paid or voluntary, should you wish to further develop your skills, reflect on your practice and in grand terms become the best Chaplain you can be.

If you are not yet a Chaplain and are seeking to find a route into this profession, we recommend that you seek out a volunteer position in whatever chaplaincy context you are most interested in. Chaplains are currently to be found in Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Airports, Seaports, Military, Prisons, Work-Places, across Industry and generally anywhere that people might benefit from pastoral, religious and spiritual care beyond our places of worship. Helen is available today if you would like to talk through with her any ideas you have for developing your own chaplaincy options.

Please note that the above videos may refer to our live Open Day events, however, you can still message academic staff and students via the Unibuddy platform and they will respond to you shortly.


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