TRS Summer Wednesdays: Moral and Religious Language: Thinking about Meaning in Ethics and God-Talk

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Newman University’s Theology and Philosophy department are excited to introduce TRS Summer Wednesdays – a series of webinars for those interested in studying the subject area at University. Held across 4 weeks in June/July, each session will get students thinking about some current topics in Theology and Philosophy.

Moral and Religious Language: Thinking about Meaning in Ethics and God-Talk

Do theists and atheists actually disagree about whether God exists? Can we argue over questions about ethics? For the philosopher David Hume, the wrongness of murder depends on how we feel about murder. This session will explore what Hume meant and how his ideas gave rise to later debates in the philosophy of language, including non-cognitivism and anti-realism. 

The webinar will start at 12 noon and will run for approximately 50 minutes in total – 25-30 minutes of input from one of our lecturers, followed by a short time for Q&As. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom (no need to install) Please note that there will be no need to switch on either a camera or a microphone, as questions will be posed via a LiveChat function.  

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