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Why Not Teach? A Big Conversation

With Birmingham being one of the most diverse cities in the UK, why is our teacher workforce still majority white? We would like to invite you to an exciting free Zoom event on Monday 14th June from 4:15pm to 5.15pm.

During this one-hour Zoom event, you will hear two engaging presentations, one from our Head of Primary, Branwen Bingle, and another from the owner of The Black Nursery Manager, Liz Pemberton, followed by an open discussion on the lack of diversity in teacher training and what we can do to rectify this.

Here’s the focus of each session:

Session 1: “I want you to see colour”

Why the notion of colourblindness as a tool to dismiss the impact of racism on both an interpersonal and systemic level within education is to be dismissed. To ensure that we do not perpetuate the harm that racism causes, we must begin from a place of understanding and acknowledge that we do in fact see the colour of the children and the educators around us instead of using the convenience of our unconscious as a scapegoat to avoid having conversations about race.

Session 2: Conscious Unconsciousness

Implicit bias, often referred to as Unconscious Bias, is said to underpin all of our stereotypes and prejudices in our dealings with others. But how unconscious is it and can it be undone by training? This presentation seeks to argue that recognising our implicit bias and not using our unconscious state to excuse this may be the first step in creating a more inclusive environment.

This event is for prospective teachers and current educators who want to learn more about removing the diversity gap within teaching. Please register for a free ticket via Eventbrite: https://whynotteach.eventbrite.co.uk/