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Last Updated: January 18th 2018


The e-Learning team supports learning, teaching and scholarship at Newman by:

  • managing the virtual learning environment (Moodle and Mahara)
  • producing electronic resources.
  • providing advice and training.


Moodle is Newman University’s virtual learning environment. A few modules are offered completely online at Newman but most are delivered in a face-to-face environment with supporting and supplementary materials and activities available online via Moodle.


Mahara is our electronic portfolio where students and staff can store, organise and share materials.

To log in to Moodle and Mahara first log in to myNewman from the link on the front of this website, then click the Moodle tab.

Contact details

Bob Ridge-Stern

Contact: Bob Ridge-Stearn
Position: Head of E-Learning
Tel: 0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2425)
Email: Bob.Ridge-Stearn@newman.ac.uk

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