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About IT Services

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Last Updated: February 14th 2022

To get help, try one of our knowledge items on the university’s Self-Service Portal or contact the Service Desk :

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday 8:30-5:00, Friday 8:30-4:30


What we do

The Newman University IT Services department aims to ensure the availability and ease of use of the University computer network and all other technical teaching and learning resources for Newman University staff and students. We are responsible for all hardware and software procurement, installation, support, and maintenance. We aim to provide a friendly, professional, and easy-to-use technical support service for all users of the network.

We offer our Newman students access to a wide range of IT facilities, systems, and benefits. As part of your enrolment, you’ll receive a username and password to access these services and an ID card (see IT User Policy for more details).

A wealth of advice is available in the university’s Self-Service Portal, so make that the first place you look if you have any IT issues.

The IT Service Desk is based in the Hub (above the Sanctuary); if you can’t find your answer on the Self-Service Portal, head here if you have any technical issues during your time at Newman.

The IT Service Desk can:

  • Help with any printing issues.
  • Issue student ID cards.
  • Replace lost or stolen ID cards.  A £5 fee is payable for this unless you can provide a crime reference number.
  • Help to resolve door access problems.
  • Issue you with computer log-on details.
  • Deal with any password problems or Newman email account issues.
  • Sell two sizes of memory stick (16GB for £6 and 32GB for £10)
  • Recover lost or corrupt files to the best of our ability.
  • Help to connect laptops, tablets, and phones to the internet.

Once you have enrolled you will have access to My Newman, with links to all the systems available to you.


Your email account will be the main point of contact used by the University to send important information to you. You can access your email account anywhere you can access the internet, so please make sure you check it regularly to avoid missing any important news or information.


The eduroam service allows students to access the internet at participating institutions across the UK (and increasingly the world) using your university email address and password. This is a free service. Wi-Fi is also accessible in our halls of residence.

Open access computers

We have more than 150 open access computers around our campus; you can also borrow laptops from the Library. The majority of networked PCs are Intel Pentium Quad core devices. They are connected via high-speed optical fibres to our servers.

Student Printing, Scanning and Top-up

Devices for students to print, photocopy and scan are available across the campus and are networked to the student PCs. Please consult our help guide on mobile printing if you want to print something from your laptop.

Top-up kiosks can be used to add credit to your account to print and photocopy.  These machines accept cash in British Stirling and card payments and do not give change. They are located outside the Sanctuary and on the lower level of the Atrium in the St Chad Building.  You can also add credit via a credit or debit card using our web payment system.

Printing costs

Print paper type Black and white Colour
A4 single side £0.07 £0.18
A4 double side £0.05 £0.14
A3 single side £0.10 £0.24
A3 double side £0.08 £0.20
A0 poster £8.00
A1 poster £6.00
A2 Poster £4.00


Office 365

We offer all our students free Office 365 with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote for up to 5 devices.  Your licence lasts for the whole time you are enrolled at the university.

Lecture capture

We have a growing number of lectures being captured using our Panopto service.

Personal storage

Every student is allocated 1.2GB of network storage. This is backed up every night. You can access this anywhere on campus.

See also

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