Academic Support Advisors

Academic Support Advisors

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Last Updated: February 22nd 2022

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Student support at Newman is designed to enable all students to reach their potential.

The Academic Support Advisers (ASA) are available to support students following single and joint honours degree programmes.

Please note that students on Initial Teacher Education courses are assigned to an Academic Professional Tutor Group, and should contact their Academic Professional Tutor for advice and support. ​

Postgraduate students can contact their module tutors or programme leaders in the first instance but the Academic Support Advisors may also be able to offer advice.

The ASA are here to:

  • help you to resolve any academic or pastoral concerns
  • provide support if you have any personal circumstances affecting your studies
  • ensure you can make the most out of your time at Newman

This includes helping you to:

  • Identify the support and resources available to you
  • Understand and navigate the university’s rules, processes and decisions
  • Apply for additional time to complete your work and inform the university of reasons for missing a deadline or assessment
  • Plan your study, review your progress and identify strategies to improve
  • Look at your options and explain any implications where you are considering changing, suspending or withdrawing from your studies
  • Advise on how to complain about or appeal against a decision
  • Find the answers to any queries you have

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