Award Details

Award Details

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Last Updated: May 19th 2023

The name that appears on your award certificate will be the full name on your student record (including all middle names) at the time of printing, unless informed otherwise.

You will be required to provide evidence to support any amendments made to the name on your student record (i.e. marriage certificate). The original of any documentation is required, as photocopies cannot be accepted.

Your name (first and surname only) is included in Graduation when your award is announced and will also be listed in the Graduation programme.

The date that appears on the award certificate will be the date of the Graduation rather than the date your qualification was awarded at the Programme Assessment Boards, which is the date that appears on your final academic transcript. This is because the date of Graduation is the date your award is formally conferred by the institution and you officially become a ‘graduate’ of Newman University.

A formal letter confirming the date you completed your award, as shown on your final academic transcript, can be provided.  Please contact

For duplicate award certificates, transcripts and HEAR, please click here.


In the case of an emergency or force majeure, events associated with the student lifecycle i.e. graduation ceremonies may need to be cancelled.

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