* Fees and Finance – An Overview

* Fees and Finance – An Overview

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Last Updated: December 4th 2019

Newman aims to ensure that we are able to invest in high quality resources and equipment to provide you with an excellent higher education experience.

We believe that the tuition fees and bursaries at Newman balance these objectives to offer students an excellent learning experience resulting in a well-respected degree at a sensible cost.

Can I afford to go to university?

There are a number of support packages available to students to assist with the cost of your degree course. Non repayable grants are available from the Government; the amount you are entitled to will depend on your household income. You can also get a low cost loan to pay for your fees and you won’t have to repay this loan until after you have graduated. To get an indication of the level of support you can expect to receive you can use the Student Finance Calculator.

You can also contact the Student Finance England student support line on 0300 100 0607 for advice. Some examples of household income and support available to Newman students can be found at the individual links below:

Undergraduate fees and support

Part-time fees and support

Postgraduate fees and support

Will it be worth the investment?

Several studies have recently been conducted into the financial benefits of gaining a degree. Although the figures differ, it is accepted that lifetime earnings of graduates are significantly higher than non-graduates. For many professions, such as teaching, a degree is required to qualify therefore studying for a degree opens opportunities to careers which are not available to non-graduates.

Newman University Support Fund

The Newman University Support Fund provides financial assistance for students experiencing hardship. Non-­repayable grants are available, however the amount varies from year- to-year and students could not rely on the Newman University Support Fund as a regular source of income. Newman University Support Fund grants are normally made to students with dependants. N.B. Application to the fund is not a guarantee of an award being made.

Financial help for students with disabilities

The Disabled Students’ Allowance is available for students with disabilities who have declared their disability to help buy specialist equipment. This support is in addition to the grants and loans offered by the Government.

Information regarding Equivalent or Lower Qualification (ELQ)

If you have a previously been awarded a degree, you may be affected by the Government’s ELQ policy. Those who fall under the ELQ policy will need to pay the course fees themselves as they will not be subsidised by the Government. Please contact Admissions for further information.

Retake Fees

Newman students are well supported in their studies and given the best opportunities to succeed. However it is important that a student is aware that should they fail an assessment or module, there may be financial implications. The current fees (2020/21) are as follows:

  • Should a student be required by the Programme Assessment  Board to retake a module – undergraduate 20 credits, (which requires attending all timetabled sessions, undertaking all directed hours and submitting all assessment elements, even when an element – but not the module – has been passed previously) a fee of £1,100 is applicable.
  • The fee for retaking a school experience placement is £1,100.

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