Health Issues

Health Issues

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Last Updated: December 4th 2020

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Many students with health conditions find that they don’t need any particular assistance whilst at University, however we encourage you to let us know about any health conditions so that we can help you should the need arise.

If you are likely to go through periods when your health is poor, it is helpful if you let us have medical evidence at the start of your course so that we can assist you should you need to make an application for extension to assignments, or exam adjustments.

Some students find that they need equipment or personal assistance to facilitate their studies and this may be funded through DSA. Examples of some of the arrangements that may be made for different health conditions:

  • Epilepsy or seizures – sometimes students need re-scheduling of exams to reduce stress by avoiding two exams in the same day. Some students may need facilities to rest should they experience a seizure.
  • Students with multiple sclerosis, ME, or arthritis may need to record lectures, or access to specialist software, such as Voice Recognition software, that is currently funded through DSA.
  • Some students may need to use a computer during exams or a Dictaphone to supplement note taking in lectures (link to audio recording).
  • Students who have medical conditions requiring regular periods of hospitalisation may need additional time for assignments and course work.
  • If you have nut allergy or other conditions involving anaphylaxis or seizures, please let us know so that we can notify your lecturers and our first aiders.

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