International Opportunities for Newman Students

International Opportunities for Newman Students

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Last Updated: October 13th 2021

At Newman we believe offering you an international dimension to your studies is important to your personal, academic and professional development. As part of your degree course – undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time or full-time, Newman gives you the possibility to broaden your horizons and gain academic recognition.

You could be eligible to study or work abroad, as part of your course, in Europe and even further afield. There are new and exciting opportunities arising all the time through the Erasmus+ programme and the Turing scheme.

In an ever changing global world, there are many benefits to studying or working in another country.

  • Stand out from the crowd – whatever career you choose after university, having international experience on your CV will help you stand out from the competition.
  • Life skills – while living abroad you will gain skills that can’t be taught in the classroom.
  • International perspective – discover a different culture and way of life, perhaps even pick up a foreign language while you are there.
  • Travel – visit exciting new places.
  • Fun – meet lots of interesting people and have a good time!

At Newman, we offer support and encouragement to students to take their work placement in countries where, even though there is no Newman link, students have family or friends or a genuine interest to visit – the possibilities are endless!

You can either self-fund your international experience, or alternatively there is funding available via Erasmus + and the Turing Scheme. The Erasmus + programme enables students in higher education to study or undertake a work placement for at least two months in another European country as part of their degree course. Whilst the Turing scheme gives students the opportunity to gain more skills and develop professionally, academically and personally in countries inside and outside of the EU for at least 4 weeks.

The Erasmus + programme is available to all eligible Newman students after consultation with their academic course leaders and the Overseas Experience Coordinator. Students may also be able to take part in shorter, self-funded work placements in Europe.

Please bear in mind that Erasmus+ funding is only available until May 2023 whilst The Turing scheme funding may vary from one academic year to the next, and is not guaranteed.

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