James Brennan – PhD Student Profile

James Brennan – PhD Student Profile

Thesis Title: The Impact of the First World War on Regional Political Culture: A Study of the Relationship between Political Identity, the Provincial Press, and Political Parties in the West Midlands, c.1918-1929.

Supervisor: Dr Ian Cawood

Director of Studies: Prof. John Peters

James’s thesis examines the political culture of the West Midlands following the First World War. His aim is to assess how far a national political culture had eroded the distinctiveness of regional politics. His thesis does this by scrutinizing the relationship between the provincial press, the mass electorate, and political parties from 1918 to 1929. It studies various sources such as press coverage of general and municipal elections, and political party literature such as posters and pamphlets. Both political language and public opinion form key areas of his research.

Contact: BREN206@newman.ac.uk

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