Law Webinars – COVID-19 Lockdown

Law Webinars – COVID-19 Lockdown

Last Updated: May 29th 2020

Is the Lockdown Legal? Considering the Legal Implications of the Lockdown

(Dr Nkem Adeleye – Senior Lecturer in Law at Newman University)

This presentation explores the questions around the legality of imposing a lockdown. How much does a lockdown impinge on our interests and fundamental rights? Is a lockdown overly intrusive? Does a government have a right to restrict our movement and interactions with extended family members with a lockdown? Does the government have a duty to protect citizens from a pandemic?

Lockdown – It may be Legal but is it Ethical?

(Amy Rushen – Head of Law and Criminology at Newman University)

This presentation looks at the underpinning legal ethical concepts that have allowed us to enter into the current lockdown. What are the legal, ethical and moral imperatives to cooperate? And why as a society have we agree to such fundamental restrictions on our freedom?

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