Leave Your Mark – Graduate Outcomes Survey

Leave Your Mark – Graduate Outcomes Survey

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Leave Your Mark – Impact Others

Taking part in the Graduate Outcomes survey is an essential part of your higher education journey. As the biggest UK annual social survey, the collective graduate voice is powerful and will directly impact the future of education for prospective students. So join your fellow graduates and be part of the picture of education today.

  • The survey is delivered by HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) and takes place 15 months after you finish your studies. HESA will call you and/or contact you via email directly.
  • It’s an opportunity to reflect on the value of your experience and let us know what you are doing 15 months after completing your course.
  • Your valuable response adds to the collective voice of graduates and the results will give current and future students an insight into career destinations and development.
  • Your response is listened to by your university. The survey also has a national significance. It helps government, charities, journalists, researchers and others to understand the higher education sector and the state of the graduate labour market.

Please keep your details up to date via this form.

Anyone who has graduated from Newman University with a level 5 qualification or above is entitled to access the Careers Service for 3 years after completion of their course. To see the full eligibility criteria, you can visit our webpage: An Overview – The Careers Service. You need to register or reregister as a graduate on your My Career account. This will allow you to book appointments, book on to workshops and events, access job opportunities and have access to information and resources. We may also be in touch with you to see how we might be able to support you to secure graduate employment, a place on a course or to support your career progression.

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