Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support


If you are struggling with your mental health while studying you can arrange an appointment with our Mental Health Adviser, so that we can discuss how best to help and support you through your studies.

We recognise that there might be particular times during your course when you are more vulnerable to mental distress, such as times of change and transition, going on work placements or approaching exams or assignment deadlines. You may also have external issues that are having an effect on your mental health and studies.

If you find you are getting behind in your studies please talk to an Academic Support Advisor, your APT, or course tutor, as early as possible, who will be able to advise you on applying for extensions or mitigating circumstances.

Mentoring support may be funded through DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowances) to help manage your mental health while studying. This support would be offered by a qualified mental health professional and sessions are usually offered on a weekly basis through your course. If you have periods where you have difficulty in concentrating, DSA may also fund equipment and software to help you to record lectures (to supplement your note taking).

Newman’s Counselling Service is available to all students and can offer up to 6 sessions. if you feel that you would benefit from counselling sessions please contact the Student Support Helpdesk.

We also encourage you to register with a local GP when you first come to Newman University and to make an appointment if you feel you are struggling with your mental health.

Contact details

Simone Moon


Simone Moon (Mental Health Advisor)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 3pm.

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