What do the Mental Health First Aiders do?

What do the Mental Health First Aiders do?

They are a first response service for students who may be:

  • Having a panic attack
  • Very upset and tearful
  • Feeling very anxious and worries
  • Exhibiting worrying behaviours you are concerned about

Who can contact the Mental Health First Aiders?

  • Any student or staff member who is worried about a student. A student can also refer themselves

Who are they?

  • Mental Health First Aiders are staff who have been trained to deliver Mental Health First Aid

How do I contact them?

  • Call extension 6350 and wait until someone answers. Ask for a Mental Health First Aider
  • Or, go to Security, Reception, Student Support or the Students’ Union who have a contact list

What Happens when I see a MHFA?

  • They will talk to you about how you are feeling, listen and help to calm you down

They will suggest next steps such as a referral to Student Support or a GP appointment

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