Physical, Mobility or Dexterity Difficulties

Physical, Mobility or Dexterity Difficulties

The type of arrangements offered will depend on your particular needs and may be subject to a full Study Needs Assessment report. The types of help which may be provided are as follows:

  • Use of a locker to reduce the amount of carrying.(situated in the Student Support area across the bridge from top floor of the Library) A deposit is payable.
  • Enabling technology such as voice recognition software, screen reading software, flatbed scanner.
  • Ergonomic or adapted key board
  • Help with transport arrangements (funded through DSA)
  • Accessible parking (subject to blue badge or other medical evidence)
  • Accessible accommodation

If you are on an employer based programme you will need to apply to the Access to Work scheme for funding.

Personal Care Support

If you need personal care support you will need to apply to your local Social Services department, or arrange funding through the Direct Payments Scheme.

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