Students with Dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia

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Last Updated: January 31st 2019

How do I find out if I have dyslexia?

If you have started your course and think you may have dyslexia, please contact Rebecca Hartland-Fox, Dyslexia Adviser, to arrange a ‘screening’ appointment, email: While Newman staff do not attempt to make a diagnosis, dyslexia screening tests are available to help you determine whether you want to pursue a further diagnostic evaluation.

If screening indicates that you may have dyslexia you have the option to undertake a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia, with an Educational Psychologist. If required, student support staff can put you in touch with an Educational Psychologist, or you can find your own. There is normally a fee for the assessment, which is payable by the student. If you are a current student, and have particular financial difficulties you may be able to claim this sum from the University ‘Access to Learning’ funds, which are administered by the University Finance department.

During your assessment, the Educational Psychologist will tell you whether or not you have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia and he will send you a written report.

The next step is to discuss your report with Rebecca Hartland-Fox, who will be able to put some initial assistance in place.

This will include:

  • Extensions to Library Loans
  • Extra time in Examinations
  • Provide you with stickers to put on the front copy of your assignments and examination papers, to allow ‘sympathetic treatment’ of any particular spelling and grammar difficulties (where academic requirements allow)

Please note that many courses have now moved to electronic submission, in which case you will be provided with an electronic version of the sticker, to attach to your electronic submission.

If you are on an employer based programme, or preparing to graduate and find employment, Rebecca will explain how to apply for the Access to Work Scheme, which may fund additional support, such as a computer and specialist software, and individualised support from a specialist dyslexia tutor. A separate leaflet is available on the Access to Work Scheme.


pdf  Dyslexia Support Services complaints procedure

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