Support for LGBTQ+ students

Support for LGBTQ+ students

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Last Updated: October 16th 2023

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Welcome to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ+) student page

As a Catholic foundation, Newman University is an inclusive community which recognises the gifts, talents, and contribution of all people, and which respects and supports all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, faith position or disability. The Catholic Church asserts strongly that all forms of unjust discrimination, harassment or abuse directed against people who are homosexual in orientation are wrong.

On this page you will find information on the support available to you at Newman University, as well as information about specific issues relevant to the lives of LGBTQ+ students.

Being a student, whether an undergraduate or postgraduate, can be a stressful time. LGBTQ+ students may have additional concerns, such as worries about coming out, or reconciling their sexuality with their identity and/or gender.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or Questioning Society

Newman’s LGBTQ+ Society aims to raise awareness among Newman students, support relevant campaigns and organise regular events and activities.

Find out more about our LGBTQ+ Society at Newman’s Student Union website

The Counselling Service offers confidential support to students experiencing a range of difficulties.

The Student Welfare Adviser offers support on a wide range of practical and personal issues and can signpost to local support organisations relevant to LGBT students.


Newman University Chaplaincy is proud to be at the heart of the university, encouraging all the community to engage in and feel part of Newman’s Catholic ethos.  The Chaplaincy is here for students of any faith, and of no faith; they are here for all students and are welcoming to the LGBTQ+ student community. Whether you are looking to make new friends, for a bit of support through a particular problem, or to explore issues of faith and sexuality, you will find a warm and friendly welcome at the Chaplaincy at Newman.

Bullying and Harassment

Newman University respects all students and staff regardless of sexual orientation. Homophobic abuse, harassment or bullying is treated as a serious disciplinary offence and will be dealt with under the appropriate procedure. Both the University and its Student Union are committed to creating and maintaining a supportive learning environment, and all members of the University community and visitors are expected to play their part in upholding these values.

Sexual Orientation Policy

The University’s Sexual Orientation Policy, and further information about equality and diversity, can be found in the Equality pages on this website. LGBT issues will be included in all equality training and monitoring of complaints of harassment etc. and the results will be published.

Does Newman University monitor LGBTQ+ student data?
Newman University does have an optional monitoring question that asks students about their sexual orientation. This question is asked to provide information to the University about how we can further improve our services and support to LGBTQ+ students and to address any issues in terms of applications from LGBTQ+ students and the satisfaction levels of current students (please see the Stonewall guide on why monitoring data is collected for further information). Any personal data collected will be handled and protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

External Services

Birmingham LGBT Centre

The LGBT Centre provides a wide range of support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community within Birmingham. They offer a range of services including sexual health screening, counselling & psychotherapy, alcohol support and general health and wellbeing support.

The LGBT Centre has also produced an excellent community guide which covers community, social, leisure and public services within the local area.


Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam. It provides a safe space and support network to address issues of common concern through sharing individual experiences and institutional resources.


For LGBT Catholics, Quest have a regional support group.

Inclusive Gathering

For LGBT Christians in Birmingham, Inclusive Gathering organise worship and other gatherings.

Birmingham Pride

Check out the Birmingham Pride site for more information about what’s on at the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender festival, the largest two day LGBTQ+ festival in the UK.


A wide range of support is also available from the leading lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall.

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