The Cathedrals Group Graduate Careers Fund

The Cathedrals Group Graduate Careers Fund

Every graduate’s story is different and people’s needs, and circumstances are unique. We want to understand your challenges and what we and others can do to help. That is why the Cathedrals Group – 15 Universities have created a new fund that our 2020 graduates can apply to for support with particular issues that you feel are holding you back when it comes to either finding work, or going back into education.

For the full information, please see our leaflet attached below

What is it?

Grants of up to £750 available to help the Class of 2020 and other recent graduates overcome issues that hold you back from finding employment or continuing in education.

Who funds it?

The 15 universities in the Cathedrals Group have contributed to a joint fund. You can see a list of these universities in the attached leaflet below.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to 2020 graduates from the 15 universities in the Cathedrals Group, including Newman University. Graduates who have completed undergraduate, or postgraduate qualifications can apply.

How do I apply?

To apply please send either a short video of no more than 5 minutes, or a single side of A4 (600 words limit) to Advice on what to include in your application is in the leaflet below. For large video files, please link to an appropriate video sharing site.

When is the deadline?

The fund is open for applications until 27th November 2020.

When will I hear back?

In most cases we will respond during December 2020, however we will review the applications regularly and if there is clear, specific benefit to awarding funds earlier, we may make allocations before the deadline.

What type of things will be funded?

We do not want to make assumptions about your needs. Part of the purpose of this fund is to find out about graduate experiences and challenges and explore ways to help. However, to help you think about the sort of things we might fund see the table of themes in the leaflet attached below.

How will decisions be made?

Careers professionals from Cathedrals Group universities will look at the applications and decide together how to allocate the funds. We are particularly interested in how limited investments of money can make a big difference, so you should fully demonstrate how the money would help you. We also need to understand the circumstances that mean you cannot fund what you are proposing to do yourself, or through another means.

What should I include in my application?

Please state your name, university, course, and confirm that you graduated in 2020. Say how much money you are applying for and be specific about how you will use it. Tell us briefly about your story in reaching this point, your career ambitions and how this funding will help. Tell us why you cannot fund what you are requesting from another source. Provide your contact details.

What else do I need to know?

If you are successful you will need to sign a commitment to spend the funds as you have stated within an agreed timescale. Unspent funds will need to be returned. You must be willing to be contacted 3, 6 and 12 months later to discuss your progress and you must be willing to be part of marketing or media about the fund, although your details can be anonymised if you wish.

For further information or support, contact:

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