University Operations Team

University Operations Team

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Last Updated: November 23rd 2020

The University Operations Team (UOT) meets on a fortnightly basis to ensure the effective implementation of University strategy and policies. UOT consists of:

Name, Position/Role

Professor Jackie Dunne, Vice-Chancellor

Professor Peter Childs, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Ms Andrea Bolshaw, University Secretary & Registrar

Mr Tony Sharma, Chief Financial Officer

Dr Mohammed Jakhara, Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Society and Professional Studies

Professor Roger Woods, Interim Executive Dean, Faculty of Education

Ms Sian Howarth, Director of Student Services

Ms Giosi Birkett, Director of Human Resources

Mr Paul Dean, Director of Estates and Campus Services

Ms Lysandre de-la-Haye, Deputy Registrar & Director of Quality

Ms Chris Porter, Director of Library and Learning Services

Ms Alison John, Director of Marketing and Communications

Professor John Peters, Director of Learning, Teaching and Scholarship

Dr Mehreen Mirza, Associate Dean (Social Science, Sport & Business)

Dr Fiona Reid, Associate Dean (Arts, Humanities & Human Sciences)

Ms Fiona Hickman, Secretary

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