What is Headstart?

What is Headstart?

1-to-1 lecturer and student

For 2020:

As we prepare to welcome students this Autumn elements of HEADstart will be included within the Induction programme for new students, and for 2020 will not run as a separate programme, head to the Induction page to find out more


Here at Newman, our aim is to help you adapt to student life as quickly and smoothly as possible. With this in mind we have developed HEADstart a preparatory course for new single, joint and combined honours students.

HEADstart is delivered in the two weeks before Welcome Week. Students attend a variety of sessions on campus, with some online activities.

Participants are supported by existing students throughout the programme, and have opportunities to work with both members of their subject teaching teams and with central support staff from across the university. Our data shows that HEADstart participants are more resilient and successful throughout their degree course

The course has been designed to help you think about what you want from your studies whilst developing the skills needed to study effectively and successfully during your time at Newman. Students attending the course frequently agree that engaging in the course helps to build their confidence, lasting friendships and ultimately, get ahead with their university studies.

To register for HEADstart, you must have confirmed Newman University as your first choice or insurance with UCAS. You can email your interest in registering to Headstart@newman.ac.uk in the first instance, with registration opening formally at the end of March.

If you would like to participate you can sign up here: https://rdap1psi.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/heads-programme or you can email for further details here HEADstart@newman.ac.uk

For more information about the course, please contact:

Leoarna Mathias, Transition and Retention Programme Coordinator

Email: L.Mathias@staff.newman.ac.uk

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The HEADstart and HEADonline courses are just two of the ways the Student Support Services team here at Newman aims to help you navigate your way successfully through student life. Student support is a key feature of studying at Newman, as we strive to help all students reach their full potential. Newman seeks to be an inclusive community, valuing diversity and respecting the dignity of all students and staff. Find out more about what we offer.

“Headstart has given me an insight into life at university. It has built my confidence and increased my communication skills through meeting and working with new people. I learnt how to research; structure my work correctly; complete a presentation and a written task… I now understand Newman’s requirements”

“I was concerned about re-starting formal education after working for a year. But the ability to feel confident after HEADstart put me in the right position”

“I love it – this course was amazing!”

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