Zoe Chadwick – PhD Student Profile

Zoe Chadwick – PhD Student Profile

Thesis Title: ‘The excessive body: late-Victorian Gothic literature and the dialogue of the Victorian Freak show.’

Supervisors: Dr Helen Davies and Dr Kerry Myler

Zoe’s PhD is concerned with how the genre of late-Victorian Gothic literature partakes in the same epistemological dialogue regarding the bodily spectacle as the mid-Victorian freak show.

Zoe is the PGR rep for BAVS. She is also the co-organiser of the annual conference ‘Victorian Fears’. She is a co-editor of ‘Critical Commentary’, the Newman University student journal. She also co-founded Newmarts, the Newman Humanities postgraduate blog. Lastly, she is a visiting lecturer in English Literature.

Contact: CHAD402@newman.ac.uk

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